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Healthy CBD and CBDa

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Imagine for a minute that remedies hundreds of years old and known widely as both taboo and legally challenged were seeing an increased positive light and new legislation making them a common find in nearly 100 million homes. Now you have access like I do to a wealth of knowledge and a wide open battlefield for billions of dollars in annual sales of Healthy CBD and CBDa products from HEMP.

Hemp for the record is not Pot or Mary-Jane, nope it has little to no THC or the stuff that gets you high of other Cannabis. Even though we will cover topics of Legal Pot on this blog to offer comparison and informational access where it is legal for sale and use Medicinally or for Adult Recreational use our focus is on HEMP BASED HEALTHY CBD and CBDA.

Global Sales Skyrocket for Healthy CBD and Affiliate Reap the Rewards Daily.

According to US CBD Sales in 2020 topped 4.6 Billion and are on pace to hit 5.3 Billion in 2021 and will grow to 15.9 Billion by 2026. Open retail sales are growing but for millions of Americans Affiliate Marketers and Online Buying are the main source of tinctures, oils, edibles, and CBD Pain Creams and Beauty Products.

Healthy CBD Network Marketing Companies like CBD BioCare and CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome are positioned firmly among industry leaders in terms of pay plan and quality of products.

What is the Difference Between Network Marketing and MLM or Multi Level Marketing?

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is often given a bad rap by the bad players among them. Most MLM companies in my 17+ year career as a Network Marketer and online Affiliate operate just outside or barely inside the law. They are almost pure cash for cash with members paying extra for products they don’t want or quantities they don’t need through mandatory auto-ships just so they can enjoy the compensation plan.

Find Healthy CBD says Don't be a Dope choose Network Marketing over MLM.
Don’t Be Fooled By MLM Hype

MLM are often guilty of running a Pyramid Scam because of either a lack of product value or an exploded prices and always when they pitch Income First Product second. How many times have you had a knock at the door with a sales rep from an MLM who ask first if you would like to make extra money selling X from your home? Notice how the money is the first part of the pitch?

They do this because such a massive amount is made by locking people into the idea of getting rich. People will spend an extra 6 months to 3 years in a company with an inferior or devalued product just because the money is good and MLM in a traditional sense exploit that.

So what does a Healthy CBD Network Marketing Pay Plan look like?

Unlike MLM there is no forced product purchase in Network Marketing. You will find companies claiming they are the same thing because Network Marketing has a similar element. You make money off 1 or more level of referred sales representatives.

You also gain commissions and bonuses off downline volume or total team sales… SALES!!! that’s the thing lacking in MLM is sufficient non representative sales. With Network Marketing you are an independent sales representative first and sell healthy CDB and CBDa products at genuine retail prices to the public.

While many in Network Marketing companies still pitch the earnings opportunity first because of BAD HABITS from their MLM days, the companies themselves are betting Billions of Dollars on selling more product volume to the average Healthy CBD buyer than they ever could being limited to just Home Business Owners.

Here is the simple math of why a focus on selling is so big for these companies.

Mathematically there are around 15 million people who actively claim ownership of a Home Based Business in the United States. In comparison there are 331,449,281 according to 2020 U.S. Census Figures. That is over 150 million adults who are potential customers in the U.S. along for Healthy CBD.

By focusing on driving tens of millions of healthy CBD and CBDa buyers into the business they avoid being limited to the revenue of purchases the roughly 8,000-20,000 MLM sales reps would spend every month. Network Marketing is simply a multi-level affiliate program and depends on sales to generate commissions and other overrides like team sales volume bonus and other perks. When selling Healthy CBD we always choose Network Marketing through sources like the two companies provided below.

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